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Insurance companies are the isolated institutional structures, performing insurance contracts conclusions between counterparts and its maintenance after a deal. Insurance companies in the legal terms defined as a corporate body institution. The main goal of its activity is fulfilling customers' interests, caused by the current society's demands.
From the financial point of view, an insurance company is a form of insurance funds applying. The financial resources of insurance companies are the origin of long-term credit relations in trade and industrial spheres. The list of its investments is dictated by national insurance legislation.
Insurance companies are distinguished by its activity spheres:

  • private;
  • joint-stock;
  • mutual;
  • state-funded;
  • municipal.

Secondly, by the characteristics of its activity:

  • specialized;
  • reinsurance companies;
  • non-governmental pension funds.

Third, by its service zone:

  • local;
  • regional;
  • national;
  • international.

Insurance company in UAE

EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP, operating worldwide since 1991, is a private reinsurance international company, the main office placed in Dubai, UAE. We represent high-rank services of the wide range insurance market. Trust your concerns to the best UAE insurance figure.

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