EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP is the universal Dubai insurance company founded in 1991. The company has a license for over then 100 types of insurance services and reinsurance activity.
     Public insurance joint-stock company EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP provides a wide range of individual and corporate body insurance services.
     Our priority services are:  

  • vehicle insurance;
  • medical insurance;
  • individual and corporate body properties insurance;
  • a mortgage;
  • tourists insurance;
  • accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Advantages of Evergreen Dubai Group

     Cumulative life insurance is providing by affiliated EVERGREEN LIFE&HEALTH DUBAI GROUP company.
     EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP is an agency, thus over than 2000 agents work here. A filial branch is one of the biggest in UAE, including over than 34 branches over the UAE's principalities. Over than 4 millions companies and individuals use uses our services.
     Among our reinsurance partners are worldwide noted companies:

  • Munich Re;
  • Hannover Re;
  • SCOR;
  • Sirius;
  • Partner Re,;
  • Gen Re.

     National and international ratings

     Since 2006, rating agency Dubai Insurance List has been annualy confirming EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP's exclusively high rank of reliability A++, which is the limit of possible insurance company rank in UAE.
     The major credit rating agencies, particulary Standart & Poor's agency, has been assigning AA rating for the last 5 years.

     EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP is your comfort life warranty all around the globe.