All about scaffolding tags!

Scaffolding tags, also known as inspection tags, are safety tags hat make working conditions better for the employees and products. Scaffolding tags are a legal requirement everywhere in the world. But many companies cause problems for their employees by not taking them seriously. Scaffolding tags in Dubai is available easily and by selecting the right ones you are good to go. Make sure to take them seriously because it is illegal not to have them!

There are many kinds of scaffolding tags

  • Bracket scaffolds
  • Double pole scaffolds
  • Needle-bean scaffolds
  • Outrigger scaffold
  • Single-pole scaffold
  • Suspended scaffold
  • Swing stage scaffold

Scaffolds are categorized in colors so that it is easy to read them from further apart. Green means that the product is safe to use. Yellow means that the products is potentially hazardous and can cause harm to a person. And red means that it is harmful and shall not be used at all. All scaffolding tags are required to contain is information. The following is the information that should be on the scaffolding tags

  • The duty rating of the scaffold
  • The date on which the scaffold was last inspected
  • The name of the worker that was in charge of inspecting the scaffold
  • Any additional precautions that need to be taken while handling the scaffold
  • The expiry date of the tag or the renewal date of the tag.

Scaffolding tags should be places at the very beginning of the scaffold where it is visible to all. The beginning can be from the vertical direction, horizontal or any access points.

Scaffold tags are small and plastic and yet hold a great amount of importance and it is extremely sad to see that industries, just to save a couple of bucks, put the lives of workers in jeopardy. The following are the benefits of using scaffolding tags.

  • It decreases the risk of accidents since workers take note of what the tags say
  • Decreases the risk of equipment damage
  • It provides the latest status of machinery and all details regarding them
  • Reduces risk of assumption regarding machinery
  • Ensures thorough information regarding the machinery and all that is there.

It is important to know that these tags are for information only. How to interpret the data and the accuracy is done by the professionals. These are also for precaution only, one can check and recheck as many times and they would like. For example a green scaffolding tag surely means go, but you have to check and interpret of when it was last inspected and what were the additional comments, for all we know it could last be damage after the inspection.

Scaffolding tags can be and should be organized by professionals that are experienced enough to recognize danger. They can also be scaffolding engineers that authorize or inspect the tag.

Scaffolding tags are easily available and they are not that expensive! Employers need to take them seriously now!