Building Projects And Residential Construction

Construction Projects In Egypt

The construction industry makes up for a large portion of the economic activity in any country, and relevant figures suggest it can make up between 5% and 10% of the gross domestic product in some states.

Since construction is vital to supporting a growing economy through more expansive infrastructure, and also forms the base with which a growing population can be served, the segment undergoes particularly beneficial cycles when the state as a whole is experiencing growth.

The process pertains to both, buildings and infrastructure, and is usually carried out at the site for a designated owner. The first stages include design and planning, both of which covers basic aspects such as cost and timeframe, in addition to feasibility, which mostly deals with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Big projects

The larger and more high-profile a building project, the higher the chances that it will make use of a large network of professionals in different relevant segments.

At the design stage, this will mean the involvement of professionals dealing with the many parameters related to the project. This includes budget, sustainability, feasibility, zoning and planning authorities’ permission, and timeframe. 

For a large-scale project, multiple architects may work together to draw up plans regarding construction, while construction managers and engineers are going to ensure the project follows its agreed parameters, while working on-site.

Residential Building

When not done as part of a larger planned project or complex, residential construction usually takes the form of lone projects that can be carried out and finished by much smaller teams.

Depending on the country and area, single and double-story houses can make use of wood framed or steel framed methods. The choice usually depends on the materials and laborer skill easily available in the vicinity.

Building Projects And Residential Construction Planning And Permission

At the planning stage, residential construction projects in Egypt – BNC Network and house building involves surveying the site, testing the plot of land, obtaining the necessary building approvals, and creating the floor plans.


The building stage starts with clearing the site, digging and excavation, and putting in place the plumbing architecture.

The foundation is then covered with concrete, and the load-bearing structure is created from solid metal or wood pieces.

The addition of the floor and upper panels comes next, after which the exterior panels are covered in hard materials for fortification and water protection.

At the end, the interior walls are covered with the required materials on which paint will be applied, and windows and fixtures are put in place.