Cutting Edge Technology You’ll Only See in Dubai

Dubai has more high-end technology than anywhere else. High-tech doesn't cut it when defining the malls and shopping complexes of The City of Gold. Drone delivery, robot camel jockeys, Android police officers, and recreation of Mars will have you in awe. This super city has so much to discover that locals can even get lost in the sheer scope of what to do. Here we'll be taking you through a look at cutting edge technology you'll only see in Dubai. Don't miss these five innovations during your journeys.

Robot camel jockeys

Camel racing is a long-running sport in the Emirates. However, since 2004, robotic camel jockeys have been replacing humans. Past years saw many human rights violations, with small children being used as jockeys due to their size and weight. Both Qatar and the UAE no longer allow human jockeys to ride camels. Instead, the "Sport of Sheiks"employs robots that are remotely controlled by operators who drive a side the track. Don’t miss the races at Al Marmoom Racetrack. Enquire about SpeedyDrive so that you’ve got your own rental car. The racetrack is just 40 kilometers south on the way to Al Ain.

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Drone delivery on the beach

What could be better than picking your phone, ordering a drink, and having a drone deliver it into your hands while waiting on the beach? The Coffee Copter is a recent addition to Dubai's beaches. Kite Beach was the first to receive this innovative means of drive-through delivery. Light food and drinks are delivered using drones. Whether this innovation will reach other hot spots is unknown but so far it certainly is popular.

Robotic police officers

Robot police officers have been introduced to Dubai. Their embedded cameras send live images to human operators, and they can identify suspects in real-time. They even have a chest-mounted touchscreen for Q&A with victims & suspects. The Dubai Police force is confident that robotic police officers will far outnumber human police, with an estimate of 2030 to reach this point.

Mars on Earth

Dubai is the only place that you'll soon be able to find a space simulation of Mars on Earth. At a cost of $135 million, Mars on Earth is currently under construction. The gigantic complex is being built as a part of the UAE’s mission to send an unmanned probe to Mars in 2020. Its grounds will hold a dizzying array of greenhouses and some rather amazing technology. The walls alone are 3D-printed and block solar radiation.

See a solar array like no other

50-Kilometers, or 31-miles, South of Dubai is the enormous Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Solar Park. This gives you the perfect opportunity to see the desert. Ask for a discount for Hyundai Tucson rentals or another good SUV so that you have the perfect vehicle to hit the open road. The Solar Park holds rows and rows of photovoltaic solar panels. It is the largest solar park occupying one site in the world, a definite must-see. While you’re roaming close to the city, consider a desert drive across the dunes. Bring a sand board along if you can. You may want to take a guide with but off-roading close to the city is very safe.

Discover things you won’t see anywhere else

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