How Carton Paper in UAE are Used in Various Industries

Carton boxAt your favorite market, superstore or shopping mall, most items are delivered in firm boxed make of corrugated or carton paper in UAE - House Kraft Paper is one of the renown companies working in this field to make your life easy. Many objects are displayed in the same boxes, manufactured for their safety so that you can enjoy the spotless thing before using and taking it out of the box. This is a versatile material for packaging as millions of tons are utilized every year to display and protect the product.

It is a strong, stiff and lightweight packaging material which was designed and created by using three layers of carton paper or brown kraft paper. A Swedish chemist, develop a procedure of making a strong corrugated cardboard by wood chips pulping into a strong sheet that stand firm and resists splitting, tearing, and bursting.



Corrugated paperFrom the paper mill, multiple rolls of carton paper are transported to a converting, or corrugating plant, where various layers of this paper are firmly crimped and carefully glued to form rigid cartons. These carton papers then cut, folded, printed, and stick to make boxes. A huge machine is used to load these papers called corrugators. Usual corrugators are at least as long as a field of football ground 91.44 meters or 300 feet. Some rolls are used as liners and other as corrugating medium. The glued is placed on the both side of carton paper to avoid gaps. When the corrugator has heated to the optimum temperature, it pressed and glued the carton paper to form a cardboard. The continuous sheets come out of the machine are then cut into large and wide planks which then go to another machine where the printing, gluing and cutting is done. The final batches of finished boxes are tied together to utilize in shipping. All industries from food processor to automobile distributor, toy maker to crockery, and many other thousand of businesses in Dubai that depend on the carton paper in UAE get benefitted.

The carton paper which is turned into a corrugated material, the type of paper used in the pizza box; consist of 3 distinctive layers with an outside liner, inside layer and fluting in between. It can also make cardboard, the type of paper used in cereal boxes.

These materials keep the food fresh more than 3 days after packaging as compare to other papers. All those microorganisms that can affect the quality and freshness of food can easily get trapped in the fibers of carton paper and die without nutrients and water, whereas in plastics, the organism easily thrives much longer.