How to Create a Perfect Office

How it is important to make for employees a pleasant environment during working, probably no need to explain. If the staff does not satisfy with some characteristics of the workspace where they have to spend eight hours a day, it will certainly affect the quality of work performed.

Often the phrase "office work" associated with something boring, routine and uninteresting. However, knowing some of the nuances, you can create the office where employees will come with pleasure and feel comfortable and nice. we deal with cost consultant in Dubai thinks that good atmosphere in the office is very important. 

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Give the opportunity to walk

The famous scientist who deals with human brain research in the Pacific University of Seattle, John Medina, found that the greatest efficiency of operation of our brain is observed during physical movements of the person. Therefore, to sit without getting up, eight working hours at the computer is not the best way.

 In moments of “walks” during the working day, an employee can think up how to solve a particular problem. To motivate employees to get up from their desk and make at least some movements, you can, for example, to place a café on the floor above, where they will walk during lunch.

Make working place mobile

On the basis of the first paragraph, the employees should as much as possible to move during the working day. Then why do we think of their working places as something fixed and stationary?

Since the beginning of 2000-ies in some progressive companies a system called “hot desking” – work on the principle of “free table” began to practice. Such scheme of internal organization of the office implies that no one employee is not assigned to a specific workplace. Throughout the office, “scattered” working places, and every employee during the day can take any of them. As the experience of companies actively using “hot desking”, shows, this system allows to significantly reduce the average office costs and significantly increase efficiency.

One more bright example of organization of working places according to the principle of mobility is demonstrated by the company Valve Corporation –the American developer of computer games. The leaders of one of the most innovative companies in the world are sure that all the tables should be on wheels. Each employee can move his working place around the office as he wants, thereby entering the particular team of people who work on a specific project.

Install “the contact” with nature

Biophilia hypothesis says: “Visual contact with elements of living nature influences the productivity and efficiency of work”. The staff sitting surrounded by boring white walls will work worse than those who have the opportunity to witness the growing fresh flowers in the office or beautiful views of nature from out of windows.

It will help them to suppress the stress associated with working moments and to continue to work in high spirits. Some companies even bring cats to offices, because as everybody knows, communication with fluffy pets improves morale health.