How to Improve Usability and Adoption of Kiosks in UAE

Kiosks for you businessThe interface of Kiosks can become challenging for your customers if you don’t design them in a user-friendly manner. Designers must accommodate and anticipate the key function completion, while the make the interface as error-free as possible. Making it simple is not a simple task!

If you want to know the aspects of a successful kiosk, keep in mind that it should not require any human assistance while your customers use it. If it is well designed, it will surely provide the desired efficiency for you and your customers while providing a greater user-technology experience.

What a Complicated Kiosk Can Do

The poorly designed kiosk can create frustration and decrease the consumer ability to get what they want on time.

When it comes to kiosks in UAE has an extensive expertise in designing and creating self-service interfaces for various purposes. Through the years of experience, we have identified key success factors which you can adopt to increase the overall usability of Kiosks.

Importance of Location

It should be located centrally without traditional manned line which can cause disruption. The placement will allow all the consumers to make a conscious choice. You can also work on attract mode through offering good screens which can entice your customer from afar.

Capabilities Indication

It is necessary that when your consumer walks towards the kiosk, it light should be on with the required basic list of essential task, your consumer will potentially want to perform.


Manufacturers kioskThere should always be a key to step back no matter at what section of kiosk they are. Give them a chance to exit whenever they want.

The language should be simple with clear instructions.

You can also offer illustration to make them understand what exactly is written on the screen.

If your kiosk required a credit card insertion in a specific manner, there should be instruction for that at a relative location so that they place their car in a correct orientation.

Consequences Indication

If they won’t feel in control while performing the actions on the kiosk, they will surely turn towards human assistance.

It is better that you place a brief indication alongside the action so that they know where they will reach after touching the specific point on a kiosk.

It is good to provide an error message if the information is invalid or conflicts with the already posted information.

Your kiosk represents your business. Making things easier for your customers will be returned in the form of trust and profits. Contact our experts to find out more.