Planning to Register Free Zone Company in UAE? Know the Problems Related

License free zoneGetting a license in the free zone is the major step to becoming a successful entrepreneur. From a decade, the UAE has proven to be the best environment provider for all the businessman and newcomers for a rewarding venture. If there is ever the best time to take the throw and establish your own company in Dubai, it is now!

With an openly encouraging government for entrepreneurs along with a future prospect of wealth generating Dubai Expo 2020 and the opportunities it is expected to provide, it is not at all surprising that the demand of free zone licensing is high nowadays.

For those people who are unclear about this type of set up, a Free Zone is an economic area with basically a trade license and registering option with several benefits for SMEs and start-ups. 100% foreign ownership is offered in such type of ventures including repatriation of profits and capital, exemption of duties on import and export, and free transfer of valuable funds. The process is quicker than any other option of incorporation outside with cost-effective benefits.

Getting a license is the only way through which a firm can start its operation without local partnership in the country and register free zone company in UAE - Zenesis Corporation focuses on generating valuable results for every penny you invest.

Avoid legal trouble

Don't become a fool by deceivers in getting a lawful license. You have to understand the minimum regulations posed by UAE authorities related to the health insurance, employment, and safe banking.

No More Fancy Accounts

Offshore zone for traiding companyStay cautioned while you set up a bank account and avoid by all means to rush into holding an account number for high amount such as minimum AED 100,000 balance

Stay realistic regarding your priorities and the level of your business which allows you to have a simpler account without high fees.

Issues Related to Free Zone Company in the UAE

  • The investment may be high with an average of AED 150,000
  • Specific options are offered for business type in each and every free zone
  • The entities are only allowed to conduct their operations in the designated boundaries of their free zone and are not allowed to set up their activity anywhere else in the UAE
  • Through a distributor who is locally appointed, companies can only conduct the activities with resident companies
  • If distributor sold out your goods to the UAE market, 5% custom is applied
  • Audit is mandatory for free zone companies
  • They can only rent the offices within their designated zone
  • Popular zones have long waiting list to set up your company