Private Military Contractors

When a person is a fighter in the army, and he is shooting at the rival with many other soldiers at his back, he has no idea if it was his gun, his bullet which killed a person. The time when a soldier kills a person and knows about it is when he acts as a Private Military Contractor(PMC) who works for a security company in Iraq or Afghanistan as the fights are a lot closer and a lot particular. It is also more hazardous. According to a soldier, at one time, he had faced fire for at least seven hours in Baghdad, but while working as a PMC, it was more difficult according to him. A person in the army has soldiers behind his back to support him but a PMC has no luxuries like that. As a PMC, he was bulleted, he bore a number of bombings, a grenade strikes and once he just survived a bullet which was going to be lodged into his head.

Evergreen Dubai - Group Security Company in Iraq

The basic difference between a military man and a security agent is that when the army is attacked, they fight, kill or get killed, while in case of a security agent, their job is just to secure the client. If they are attacked, they throw you into the vehicle and run as fast as they can- this is a triumphant task. Their job is to escape and not to get in difficulty. But some companies, for the sake of money, are accountable for breaking the discipline or the rules and regulations by making the security agency similar to the military.

Why does he work as a security agent? Absolutely for money!

At times a security agent can earn up to 10,000 pounds a month and he is free of taxes. But it would be unfair to say that these security servers work only for money and they have no ethics. This is absolutely not the case. Being an army man is quite easy as you have to go to war to safeguard the interest of your country but being a security agent working for an organization, you feel a burden on your conscience because the basic concept is that they sacrifice their lives for the sake of money.

The confidential army and security organizations are very delicate and responsive towards this type of criticism. Everybody is not the same. There are always cheats and devils in every type of business. You cannot control the dubious activities of all. But there are those people present who are there to work with honesty. The security agencies have transformed a lot after the invasion of Iraq in 2004-05 when some of the organizations were working on their terms. But now a number of procedures have been developed to possess the grade where a trustworthy security agency is accurately administered, accurately controlled and possess human rights. There are many measures taken now to be assured that the agencies are working in an accurate and clear style and they are also responsible for their performance.

Evergreen Dubai - International Security Company in Iraq

According to a report, the security and military agencies in Iraq are largely dominated by the UK organizations and this is proved by the fact that these companies are worth $100bn to $400bn per annum. This field flourished after Iraq was invaded, capitalizing by outsourcing performance and legalized by the US government as large contracts was assigned to the agencies.

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