Shared Office Space: Is It Suitable For You?


For any employee, doing your work from your home can be the biggest dream. Filthy long night shifts in the office and working on computer monitors, employees consider working from their homes to be the best way in order to manage their work. As the city we are living in that is Doha, there are many options for offices like serviced offices or shared office space in Doha etc. but doing work at home seems to be the best option. After passing the whole night working at home, an employee can simply switch off the lights and be done from the work, ready to smash through the night.

But after sometime, this working at home can become more tiring than being advantageous. If you work through nights at your own home, then this can mean you have to work for long hours even if it is not necessary. Some workers also consider themselves home alone as it gives a sense of loneliness and separation that can be an outcome of working alone in your house or apartment throughout the day.

For those who have become tired of holing up all night at home, there is a solution for them, shared office space. These are the spaces that can be hired at daily, weekly or monthly basis and are the places where even the lonely workers who are tired of isolation can go to get a little human interaction while still having independence from the boring and strict office environment.

As with any working environment, some positives and negatives are attached to sharedoffice spaces, too. As most of the workers choose shared office spaces to eliminate their loneliness, some of them start to think that they have lost the ability to communicate. So they hire a shared office as most of these spaces provide communal kitchen areas with free coffee and water or break rooms where you can meet people and communicate.

If in case you are working happily at your home, but suddenly your clients require colored prints of the project you are working on and you lack a colored printer. Shared office spaces provide a simple and direct solution to these types of problems. The shared spaces are fully equipped with all the office features like printers, scanners and conference rooms also. If you have to meet some clients, you can welcome them in the up-to-date and notable conference rooms.

People working at home can have a lack of motivation and can become lazy. But an office environment as provided by shared spaces can have such people who are strongly motivated for hard working. This motivation is infectious and leaves a positive impact on your work and you feel a fresh motivation inside yourself to do more and more hard work.

If we talk about the disadvantages, the main one is the cost. I am not saying that these spaces are expensive; no not at all. They provide you convenience as you can hire them for less than a week too but it is an extra expense and you can do the same work sitting at home without any financial stress.

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