Staff Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training Dubai Even though most buildings in industrialized countries today make use of several anti-fire or fire control mechanisms and technology, these can only serve to either contain the fire and reduce its intensity or create room for the best and safest evacuation procedures possible.

The truth is, the nature of fire is such that it can strike anywhere, and chances are when it does this indoors, or in a place that hosts easily caught items such as clothing or electronics, it can indeed be very difficult to prevent its intensity from heightening.

As a result, in addition to components like fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire escape routes installed, adequate fire safety training is also paramount to the purpose of preventing otherwise widespread damage.

There are also courses for fire fighting training in Dubai that are put together for use in industrial settings, which are more likely to be prone to the spreading of fire, owing to closed spaces, less ventilation compared to offices or homes, and the presence of manufacturing materials and components, and the difficulty or entry and exit spaces.


TrainingFire Safety Training

A full-fledged fire safety training course is well worth the investment when considering the extent to which fire can cause damage. Alongside the required or mandated first-aid training, fire safety training ought to be high up on the list of training modules administered in a business, that does not have to do with core operations.

In most cases, companies will be able to choose whether to carry out the training all of the employees at once in-house or have a batch of employees being trained by a full-fledged safety training organization, which would return to train every other employee.

Depending on the jurisdiction, employers may also have the legal obligation to make sure all of their employees are trained in at least basic forms of fire prevention and reaction aspects.

Apart from the training at the very beginning, refreshers may also be required, the period for which is usually each year.


The fire safety engineering course is going to include three major areas, which are:

  • Understating The Nature Of Fire: The different types of fires, the different types of extinguishing substances, identifying and using the fire extinguisher effectively, and which kind of extinguisher to use for the types of fires.
  • Combustion: Covering the elements and basic knowledge of fire theory
  • Understanding The Action Plan: This is usually a document available at the workplace and contains the details of the protocols to follow in the event of a fire.