What Makes Zero Gravity Venue Special in Dubai

best sushi in DubaiWhether you are one of the Dubai’s tourists, a well rooted, an expat or a long-term type of resident, you should never forget to get an ultimate enjoyment at Zero Gravity beach. The best thing is that the venue allows you to enjoy not only during the daytime, but also during the night hours. What would be better than enjoying party with your friends would in a zero or almost less gravity restaurant?

Offers Unlimited Varieties and Flavors

Running for the second year, Zero Gravity Dubai has gained its reputation for serving unlimited varieties and flavors of drinks as well as food items with few of the top beats. They serve one of the best sushi in Dubai which is cooked by topmost sushi restaurant "UCCI Sushi".DJs are other prime attractions of the restaurant, which ramp up the party during the later hours of evening and night both.

Offers Stunning views of the Beach

As a beach restaurant in Dubai, it offers you stunning views of the nearby beach. In this way, you will be able to participate in wide range of beach activities, like beach walk, beach sports or simple sun bath and anything else along with having your favorite foods and drinks available.

Special Offers for Women

DubaidayZero Gravity in Dubai is much more than a weekend holiday spot. This is because; you will find a huge draw to entice women during the midweek. The restaurant offers two days of ladies day’s offerings on Tuesday and Wednesday weekly, along with ladies’ night on every Tuesday.

Perfect to Enjoy Nightlife

Today, a large number of young boys and girls want to gain ultimate experience in bars, pubs and clubs and enjoy the nightlife. Considering this fact, we should say that the beach club of Zero Gravity Dubai has succeeded to ramp up its best possible efforts to stay at the top in the entire nightlife scene of Dubai. Especially, the restaurant has obtained recognition for the celebration of One Big Friday festival that consistently rakes itself in varieties of international acts.

To conclude, we should say that regardless you want to chill yourself in the controlled temperature at about 39meters, infinity pool fronted by glass or go down by the sea, you will expect to get almost everything at this place.