Wide range of insurance services Individual insurance aims at interests related to a life, health, an earning capacity, a pension of insurant or insured. Individual insurance provides:

  • life insurance;
  • individual and corporate body properties insurance;
  • medical insurance.

     Property insurance aims at intersts related to an ownership, using, and a disposal of properties:

  • property insurance;
  • liability insurance;
  • business risk insurance;
  • financial risk insurance;
  • vehicle insurance (vehicles, cargos);

     Liability insurance provides:

  • vehicle liability insurance
  • carrier liability insurance
  • high-rank danger facility
  • liability insurance in a case of default of obligations

     These insurance separations exist by essential differences in its types. EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP provides the main insurance services for the best comfort of its clients. We hopefully encourage to give all your preferences to the best insurance company of UAE, and one of the generously awarded companies in its profile.

We care for our clients and that is why we have introduced more services other than insurance in collaboration with our partner company Viva Consulting offering strategy consulting in Dubai. By our combined services surely our clients will get better guidance and output in every matter.

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