Hi, I'm Mike, signed the life insurance contract for 1 year with your company. Still alive, see. Not yet receive my money, what a shame). Be serious, I'd like to tell I'm not disappointed. I always expect the worst. And you know why? Because it always happens. I can clearly see it. My uncle was expecting his death on a plane about 30 years. It happened last year. Terrible! Actually, he got a heart attack, but it happened on a plane, as he was saying. I has been expecting all of bad things, and now, with my insurance, I hope my family will receive money. I feel pretty safe. Thanks to EVERGREEN! (M., 33)

     Greetings from Amsterdam! Now is May, and I guess to prolong my insurance. See ya around! (Julia, 28)

     We hope you have arrived. We hope you are OK, Junior. Please, if you are reading this, call me, we need to sign another one for your car. Call me, call me, call me. (Not specified)

     Morning. My name is, let's say,  Patrick. I worked as a executive director at Bronx, stock market, hard way to this position. It happened I was charged 4 years ago. Here, want to note, I have a diabetes. Soon, in the jail, the disease was progressing, I got no medication, except insulin and sulfonylureas, the last one of which is useless in my case. Thus, I got a complications of the disease, a neuropathy.  I was close to blindness.
     In the end of 2014 I was granted parole, and began the expensive treatment. The treatment paid by EVERGREEN DUBAI GROUP's insurance. I'm glad at mine prudence. Besides, the company has good provision on disease cases. Good for me. (not specified)